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3D animated explainer video

Who is it for?

An explainer video is both enlightening and educational. It conveys what your company offers, addresses how you will help your customers with their specific needs, and why the service or product your business offers is the BEST OF THE BEST!!

Oh, and did we mention it does all of this in less than 30-60 seconds?

What is an animated explainer video?

An explainer video is a quick, animated video that clearly explains an organization’s ideas and message. These videos are fascinating and, when executed properly, will quickly and effectively capture your audience’s attention.

Improving interview videos by adding animation

Adding 2d or 3d animated sequences over the top of an interview can provide captivating imagery to aid in conveying a more engaging message. Animation can be used to provide visuals that support the interviewee’s narrative. Ultimately, this will help in telling a more compelling story.

Integrating 3D animated text and graphics into video

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Placing 3-dimensional text, graphics, and objects into pre-existing 2d video footage can provide a multitude of opportunities to enhance any video project.