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"2D and 3D animation is used in a vast array of diverse industries such as education, advertising / marketing, medical, retail, architecture, and engineering and manufacturing for a multitude of purposes.

Animation provides a powerful and effective solution and opportunity for organizations and businesses to explain processes, provide simulations, advertise and sell products while highlighting their key features in a way that captivates and engages viewers as well as potential customers and clients.

Common uses for 2D & 3D animation in the education and human resources world often include content related to training videos and explainer videos that clearly help to illustrate processes and procedures in an interesting and intriguing way.

In marketing and advertising animation is commonly used to create highly polished branding campaigns, company commercials, and product demos.

Architectural, engineering, manufacturing and medical companies will commonly use 3D animation to showcase a construction process, completed structure, highlight a specialized instrument or tool, quickly simulate a procedure or digitally deconstruct a particular piece of equipment. By using animation, manufacturers can show off the internal components that differentiate a particular machine from those commonly used by competitors."