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What is a recruiting video?

Recruitment videos are usually directed towards the HR department of your company; however, these videos are just as crucial as the rest.
You want people lining up saying “I want to work for you!” Sadly, you won’t find much success if you don’t show the great experiences you have to offer.

What do they do?

Recruitment videos help the HR department retain good employees but also help bring on new ones. This video can highlight the work experience at your company and provide key tools to helping a future employee want (and get) the job.

Video encourages social shares

Social networks continue to follow trends of today with the new features they implement. Facebook pushes video on viewers with the new “Live Video” feature. Much like Instagram, where you can update your followers on what you are doing at the exact moment you are doing it.

76% of users say that they have shared video with friends. The click-through rate of video ads is 1.84%, which is the highest CTR of all digital formats.

Video builds trust?

For customers to want to buy from you, you need to acknowledge that the foundation of conversion is trust. Your customers and future clients need to have trust in you, your team, and your product or service because they are making an investment in your brand.

57% of consumers say that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online. It’s important to understand how significantly an organization’s social media/digital presence can impact customer loyalty and purchasing habits. Effective marketing videos present your team, your company, and your products or services in a conversational form, which makes clients and customers feel comfortable.

What is a company culture video

Our “meet the team” video series is comprised of a number of 30 to 90 second videos, created to engage and build trust with your audience. We do this by providing them with valuable insights on topics they are interested in and answering questions they likely already have that are related to your industry.

The key here is transparency. Most businesses are either scared of or don’t see the value in investing in video content creation with a heavy focus on company culture.

What these companies don’t recognize is that if you are not making a significant effort to create video and media content around company culture, you are missing out on a major opportunity to connect with your audience. Authenticity and transparency has more value than anything else, and the companies that understand this and play the long game will win in a really big way. Period.

Consistently delivering this type of value will allow you to build relationships with your audience while improving credibility, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic back to your platforms.

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