6 Tips For Creating A Perfect Recruiting Video

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Blog by Innovative Media Group, LLC

Blog by Innovative Media Group, LLC

Jon Petro

Are you an HR professional looking to knock this upcoming job search season out of the park?

If so, then you’ll want to pay attention to this article.
Because we’re going to show you how to make a perfect recruiting video so you can maximize your company’s job applicants.

If you aren’t already making recruitment videos, then you are already behind. It’s 2020 and video marketing is at the forefront for all major companies. Whether you are trying to market your brand, increase client traffic, or searching for potential employees, video marketing captures all you need to say without actually saying it.

With that being said…

Not every recruitment video is created equally.
It takes some key components for your video to capture the best candidates for your office.
Here’s how to create a recruiting video that has job applicants practically kicking down your doors:

Feature Top-Performing Employees

Putting a human face to your organization is what will set your company apart from the others.
Younger demographics tend to want more companies they work for to be more personal. Fresh out of college candidates looking for job opportunities don’t want to see that the company they are applying for doesn’t take the time to make real connections. They want to feel like they will contribute in a meaningful way to your business.

Featuring current employees doing what they love at the office gives a potential candidate an idea of what it’s like to work for your company.

Showcase Your Office Space

Showcasing your office space is another tool you can use when creating your recruitment video. Future employees want to see the atmosphere that they will potentially be working in for the next however many years. Showing this helps candidates be able to picture themselves working in your office.

Highlight Your Competitive Advantage

Demonstrate why your company is unique to draw in top talent.
Whether it’s your mission statement, the location of your office, the way you run your company meetings, there are thousands of ways that you stand out from every other company that you are competing with. Show this and candidates will not only remember you, but they’ll also come running in with their applications in-hand.

Share Stories For Employees

Personal. Personal. Personal.

The best way to make your recruiting videos personal is to share stories from your current employees, such as how they got the job, why they chose your company, and maybe even dig into their personal lives outside the office so future candidates see beyond the business professionals.
Ask interesting questions; don’t be bland.

Keep Your Videos Short

You aren’t going to attract as many viewers as you would like if your videos are draining to watch, and by draining I mean too long.
SkillScout analyzed over 300 videos for recruiting and found that the average amount of time spent watching videos is 1 minute and 36 seconds.
Think about these numbers when you’re creating your recruiting videos. You only have 1 minute to capture your candidates’ attention… so make it worth their while!

Include A Call To Action

If your candidates are looking at your video, grab that opportunity and give them a strong call to action.

This can be anything from an “Apply Here” button that leads them to your company website or careers page. You could even ask them in a survey regarding the efficacy of the recruitment video. Whatever your CTA may be, make sure you have one.