Featured videos (commercials)

A featured video typically ranges from 30 - 90 seconds and often combines interviews or voice over with compelling, cinematic visuals that help tell a powerful story. Video is one of the most effective and impactful methods used to convey a message to an audience. Whether you’re telling the story of your business, showcasing a new product or service, or presenting compelling client testimonials, our team has what it takes to bring your vision to life.

Value content videos

These are 30 to 90 second videos, created to engage and build your audience by providing them with valuable insight about topics they are interested in and questions they may already have. Consistently delivering this value will allow you to build a relationship with your audience while improving credibility, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic back to your platforms.

How do we get the right people to see our videos?

Remember, even though you may not have connected with them yet, your audience already exists. They are consumers who are already interested in topics related to the services or products your business/organization provides. The key is to strategically place yourself and your brand in front of these individuals. Our team uses a sophisticated method called target marketing to identify individuals with specific traits and behaviors and who have proven to be most receptive to the products or services you provide.

How is a value content video made?

A value content video might feature key members within your business/organization, a customer testimonial campaign, or even a business owner in a similar industry. The featured individual will speak on or off camera (depending on the situation) and appropriate b-roll video, moving text, and 3d graphics will be laid over the top of the interviewee.

Value content videos can also be used to share directly with your leads and best customers to give them insight on specific topics.

Social media advertising and promo videos

We work closely with you to create compelling advertising videos and promotions of your products/services. Videos include but are not limited to product or service promotions, discount promotions, lead generation videos - any message your business needs to convey to an audience.